Portugalete, Spain
Intercâmbio Juvenil | 🇪🇺 Erasmus+ 


Portugalete (Basque Country), Spain | 20th to 27th August 2022

Youth Exchange | 🇪🇺 Erasmus+

FAJUB found itself represented in the youth exchange “Save Your Body and Environment” under the Erasmus + programme, held in Portugalete, Spain.

The project was developed between 20 – 27 August 2022.

The objectives of the project were:

To be aware of the main information about human health, environment, its connection and sustainability;

To understand and implement a healthy lifestyle;

To understand that the environmental situation is critical and implement new rules in daily life with the aim of saving the planet in the long term;

To learn about sustainable living and its advantages.


Esta foi uma experiência bastante diferente dos outros YE em que participei. 

Desde dormir num colchão no pavilhão da escola, jogar futebol/basquete nos coffee breaks a uma bela manhã de surf, são muitas as boas memórias que ficam deste projeto.

Resta agradecer pelas muitas experiências partilhadas e pelas amizades que ficam.

#erasmus+ #fajub #mobilityopportunities #spain  #saveyourbodyandenvironment


“This was an experience quite different from the other YEs I’ve participated in.
From sleeping on a mattress in the school pavilion, playing soccer/basketball during coffee breaks to a beautiful morning of surfing, there are many good memories that remain from this project.
All that remains is to say thank you for the many experiences shared and the friendships that remain.”

#erasmus+ #fajub #mobilityopportunities #spain  #saveyourbodyandenvironment

Bruno Eira, Team Leader

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