Digital Youth Work Lab

Bologna, Italy

Formação | 🇪🇺 Erasmus+ (Vagas Disponíveis) 


(Vagas Disponíveis)

Bologna, Italy

Digital Youth Work Lab addresses digitalisation and youth work.


  • Increase the understatement of the youth workers and the partner organizations about digital youth work, the impact of it and how it can be used in order to engage the youth from their local communities in civic activities;
  • Improve the digital skills of 14 youth workers by promoting and involving them in activities of self-assessment, setting personal development objectives, content creation and equipping them with tools, knowledge and resources to use in their work and transfer it to their NGOs for providing more qualitative activities in the communities, catchy content and promote active citizenship;
  • Raise awareness about forms of active citizenship of the young people and youth participation through digital youth work and create a toolkit of activities and tools with online perspective and civic orientated to be used by NGOs;
  • Create a space for creating new contacts, networks and exploring Erasmus+ opportunities during the lifecycle of the project.


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