Eco Doxa

Bankso, Bulgaria

Intercâmbio Juvenil | 🇪🇺 Erasmus+ (Vagas Disponíveis) 

Eco Doxa

(Vagas Disponíveis)

Bankso, Bulgaria

17 a 25 de Outubro (Intercâmbio Juvenil)


UNFCCC claims that youth are important actors in fighting climate change. By raising their awareness and leading them towards adopting environmentally friendly practices, the young people can up-build our societies into a more climate-resilient and low carbon future.

The specific objectives of our project are:

.To stimulate the understanding of environmental problems and possibilities towards solving them on a personal level.

. To raise awareness among participants about the importance of 4R (recycling, reusing, reducing, and renewing) and 0 waste principles, by using digital tools as a method.

. To nurture assertiveness towards environmental interest and change.

. To promote non-formal education and Erasmus+ as a support tool for eco-friendlier societies.

. To raise the understanding of other cultures and develop a sense of European values and citizenship.

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