Nonviolent Communication for a Healthy Society

Ankara, Turkey

Intercâmbio Juvenil | 🇪🇺 Erasmus+ (Vagas Disponíveis) 

Nonviolent Communication
for a Healthy Society

(Vagas Disponíveis)

Ankara, Turkey

Our main goal is to increase the skills of young people to get rid of this ongoing cycle of violence in our lives and to improve the concept of family in society.

Objectives of the Project are:

  • Showing young people how to deal with their inner feelings of violence and how to express themselves in anger situations without violence.
  • Helping them become nonviolent parents when they start a family in the future
  • Reducing the rates of youth violence and domestic violence in the European region
  • To increase cooperation between local and transnational institutions in the prevention of domestic violence.

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