"Am I a Leader? | Youth Exchange"

Braga, Portugal
Youth Exchange | 🇪🇺 Erasmus+ 

"Am I a Leader?"

Braga, Portugal

15th – 22nd October 2020

🇪🇺 Erasmus+

The project “Am I a leader?” was concerned with the creation of a network of partners, formed by entities aware of the problems of the European young generation, who seek to stimulate the spirit of initiative and who are eager to improve the situation in Europe.

During the development of the project, it was intended that youth and youth leaders gained the perfect notion of what it means to be a leader and deconstruct the definition, as many “Leaders” believe themselves to be leaders in their organizations, but in the end, they are not effective leaders in the whole concept and term. Thus, daily, we transmitted the different concepts and definitions of being a leader. For this, we proposed the development of various leader profiles and where all the learning acquired during the exchange was reflected, an activity that guides the entire youth exchange. This activity allowed the development of the main skills that we wanted to improve in the participants: language skills, social and civic responsibility, cultural sensitivity, and personal appreciation when they are called to be leaders in their organizations in order to provide them competencies so that they can enter the labor market. 

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