A Taste Of Culture

Varna, Bulgária

Intercâmbio Juvenil | 🇪🇺 Erasmus+ 

A Taste Of Culture

Varna, Bulgaria

From May 9 to 18, young participants Afonso, Bárbara, Carolina, Liliana, Luana, Rafael and Rúben were in Varna, Bulgaria, to share a gastronomic experience with participants from Turkey, Romania, Greece and Bulgaria.
As well as reflecting on culture in general, the participants tackled gastronomy in practice, preparing traditional dishes from their respective countries and practicing their sensory skills.
With the time spent in a dynamic way, there was an enriching sharing for all, being able to identify points in common and differences which, due to their diversity, make for a cultural wealth for our continent.
The Portuguese team returns home with a sense of accomplishment, convinced that they will never forget this intense multicultural experience.


Este projeto foi uma experiência imersiva profunda sobre as cultura e sociedades dos Balcãs. Senti-me desafiado pelas atividades realizadas e até no convívio com outros participantes, pois éramos um grupo diverso. O grupo português foi unido e coeso, fazendo-me sentir bem do início ao fim da minha passagem por Varna.


This project was a deep immersive experience into the culture and societies of the Balkans. I felt challenged by the activities carried out and even by socializing with other participants, as we were a diverse group. The Portuguese group was united and cohesive, making me feel good from the beginning to the end of my time in Varna.

Rúben, participant

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