Entrecomp 4 Youth Participation

Training Course

27th May to 3rd of June 2023

Project Description

The training course “Entrecomp 4 Youth Participation” was a Erasmus+ project organized by FAJUB, having as a main topic the active involvement of young people in democratic life through the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Throughout the project, participants were introduced to EntreComp, the European Common Framework that identifies 15 competences in three key areas, which describe what it means to be an entrepreneur.


  • Provide youth workers, trainers, and facilitators with the tools and resources necessary to train young people in entrepreneurial skills, in line with Entrecomp.

  • Raise awareness about the significance of active participation.

  • Develop a set of activities that connect the 15 EntreComp competencies to an engaged citizen.

Activity Manual

Manual of activities which contains 15 non-formal education activities aimed for developing EntreComp competencies.


Entrecomp Roullete

“EntreComp Roulette” is an educational board game designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of young people in relation to the 15 entrepreneurial competencies outlined in the European framework “EntreComp.”

This board game was developed as part of the “Entrecomp 4 Youth Participation” training program and was tested by participants and international volunteers during the launch event on June 2nd.

Despite being an educational board game, it’s also a lot of fun as it contains numerous components and modules! If you’re interested in playing it, please don’t hesitate to contact us at projects@fajub.pt.