La Vecilla, Spain
Intercâmbio de Jovens | 🇪🇺 Erasmus+ 


La Vecilla, Spain |

4 de Junho a 12 de Junho 2022

Intercâmbio de Jovens | 🇪🇺 Erasmus+

The Youth Exchange “Stand Together for Equality”, is a project organized by Asociacion Gastronomica Europea as the main topic of integration and knowledge of the LGBT reality.

 Designed to be funded by the Erasmus + program, the Youth Exchange is proposed as scheduled dates from 4th to 12nd June 2022.

 The Youth Exchange “Stand Together for Equality” has as its main objective the development of an awareness and information campaign about the LGBT reality and fight for equal rights. Our objective is to make participants, from different European countries, think together and develop content and information about this reality.

In this way, the project will promote the participants’ knowledge and information for developing a campaign of information and awareness connected with the LGBT. 

We intend to make an impact at a personal level, giving them the tools to increase their employment opportunities while disseminating it in their own cities and turn them active and alive, being actively cooperative to their community.

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